The wisdom of many a great sage directs us to be grateful for what we do have & be here now. Nowhere will you find any great thinker admonishing you to relinquish, relent or let the winds of empty promises impale your dreams of a greater longing. By your understanding of your own ultimate authority, which is the source of all power, you will achieve, without the burden of a anxious attachment, that which some call your destiny fulfilled. You are already your destiny fulfilled.

Your dreams are the fuel which propels our collective spirit to greater heights. I


GONG: Nothing should be literally taken without contemplation. You may extrapolate this “saying” to mean much more or even much less. In general though, I believe it is a metaphor for honoring all those who come before us. By doing so, and listening to what our elders have to say, with all their wisdom, is a great source of direction along the way to fulfilling our own true path. Do you understand me?


Next, I look at my life, my spirit, my body, my mind, as I soar to a place above all of this which I claim as mine (I know that I do this. It is so very easy to do), and I feel that which I am, and I see my life without Ma Shivamayi Acharya, which is a detachment of being here now, and I know, I do not believe, but I KNOW that Ma Shivamayi Acharya is the real deal, for I have been here before. I trust my inner knowing to tell me truth. Truth has a sound that pierces the air.

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