I am the wind that churns. I am a young bird weeping. I am the center of the hawk’s red eye and … it’s hard to believe it has been perfect from the start.  Is it any wonder I cry so hard?  Is it any wonder I laugh so loud?

I was raised up from the cracks of skyscrapers. I could run before I could walk. I’ve seen the world in flames. I’ve heard my mother sobbing. I know your pain because I am an old man dying. I am the newborn’s breath. So is it any wonder?

I am a towering tree. I am a shooting star. I am the ocean I swim in, the mountains I climb, the lovers I’ve known, the light & the dark & the child at play. I am the song of souls singing this song called joy. This is living. This is Life. I do hardly believe I’ve always known how to sing. I had simply forgot the song until now.

I am the newborn universe born once more, over & over again.  I am an old woman speaking her wisdom to the universe. I am a young bird singing. I am its Mother weeping. I am the sun laughing all the way, every single day. It is hard to believe it’s been perfect from the start, but it has, perfect from the start.




  1. gfjministry, I am in wonder here at my desk. This is a message from you dated May 1, 2013 yet I see it only now. I am very grateful. In those years since, I have, as so many others, undergone more than one period of a crisis of faith. I rise this day on renewed spirit filed with certainty that Our Sweet Lord is Lord of all. I believe societies differ dramatically according to variants that are as vastly unique and complicated as our universe, and all else, and your God is my God, My God is Their God…. we have different names for Him or Her or Them, The Supreme Being, Divine Mind…. sometimes I look into my heart and I see all the great prophets who are or will be as it was in the beginning and they all share the same eyes. This is my truth as I see it at this time. I am not nearly as rebellious and as flippant as I was at one time. I would never think of defaming or denigrating another man or woman’s world-spirit view, however, neither would I pick up a sword in my Prophet’s name to slaughter those who do not see my vision. That would be truly a sin for all ages. It is crucial to humanity to know collectively that, “ALL LIFE IS SACRED.” Thank you, thank you again, for over some years I have “stealthing” this internet. Every once in awhile I will stumble upon wisdom I was not aware of coming from your mind. Thank you so very much. In faith, Scott Utley, July 31, 2017 LA CA USA.

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