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February 7, 2018


by The Nuclearmind of Scott Utley

Have you ever met a Kit Fox? The last time I was there, I arrived an hour or so past midnight. There was an ethereal full moon drifting from side to side. The roaring clatter of emptiness … all alone … no one anywhere in sight. Appearing as if from a glassine desert sky below my feet, a Kit Fox-trots a few meters ahead of my car’s headlights. Mysteriously mystic, she stops to check me with a naive lascivious smile. She is Alice and this is her wonderland. What a night. It was a night. She beckoned me mischievously. Her smile said, “Come this way,”  Enchantment is the best high around. I was high as a kite.  Trippin-out …

[You have wings that never stop flapping. You are a great wandering Albatross. Just as you, I need to feel free. That’s one reason why I am so much in … one reason … I am so fond of you. I see me in you. I love what I see. You do too, I can tell. Throw caution to the wind. She knows what to do with it. Follow me. We’ll have fun beneath the desert sun. Just you and I.]

…. on shooting stars from deep within an inner-space. Each figures eights before taking a dive to bless heaven on the other side. Holy coyotes yelping shouts throwing cactus darts at cunning hares. Messenger crows sleep tight that night. 

Say yes. You’ll not be nearly afraid as I am now. Your heart’s desire is also mine. Run away with me.  If I could promise you tomorrow I would in a heartbeat. The best I can offer you is forever .

Time is priceless, I hold yours to just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input een if you despise my yearning to be free of fear, or yours.

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