MR SINJI-GAN: “Oh, Mr Scott, Mr Scott, happy-glad to see you, my friend, lordy goodness.

… Mr. SINJI-GAN lost his entire family from the US dropping of an atomic bomb near a breathtakingly beautiful pedestrian bridge at the center of Hiroshima. He was sick with flu so he survived  the endless summer of the ‘Walking Ants’ made zombie-like by the “false sunrise & great wind”.

He was at his grandmother’s home recuperating. Her home was far enough outside the radius of the giant mushroom stem with its power to evaporate human souls en mass.

He says his friend told him about a man who lurched forward many steps trying to flee the bomb but his feet were amputated. He was running on the stubs of his knees until he fell; dying right where he fell. The Walking Ants could not do anything for him.

Yet he remains a happy man. He was so cute today; a little old man who does nothing but smile with laughter, loving life. He is a gentle man. His name is a MANTRA which may open the hearts of the most heartless among us. 



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