Just say no but mean it this time. Don’t bring jaded fame and infamy to your mind or your lips. One rule rules us all: All life is sacred.

Truth is everywhere  … all of a sudden … it is everywhere … it may seem to have just made a startling landing on earth, but it never left the altar of our souls. We longed so very long for that which we held close to our hearts without ever seeing what was right in front of our eyes.  Since before the first dawn, as we saw the first light, right where it remains in motion to this very day, and it is beautiful to behold. And all this time we could have been friends.

We are a strange race of creatures. We mean well. We are not too bright not to go insane every other moment, but …. we mean well. The only thing that’s changed … is our eyes are now wide open. It must be that time of the season. For only so long can the man or woman with eyes born to see the world in all its glorifying spiraling love, see only their feared imagined darkness. That my dear, is delusional. There has only ever been light but some of us shall insist on blinders. Do not question their desire.  If you feel you must say something, say nothing instead and  lead by example.

Those who  cannot see …. or will not see … risk collapsing into a void of no end or beginning. So many of us, most of us, have opened our eyes as if on cue. This magic moment makes one think there is a plan after all. 

Our Legacy?  Weary fools tripping on inconsistencies, choosing the wrong roads leading to nothing. We know we are better than that. Our personal God is our personal world. Our personal world is our very own aurora borealis. We remain stunned by the beauty of life in each and every crevice and ocean with  mountains in between. This is life. This is living. Like an aurora borealis emerging from the silence of our inner ocean,  we stand stunned by the beauty of life. 

Just say no. Mean it this time. Don’t glamorise infamy. One thought pulses through us all: Revere life. Those who see only a bloody mask in their fractured-mind -mirrors are to be allowed to return back to the nothingness from whence they came.

If we as one humanity, one people on one singular glowing orb of cobalt blue are to prosper, know peace. Give our children their well due inheritance, as we have been given by those who came before us. Perhaps progress itself should step back into a time where pieces of art such as we see and hear here flourished on our living virtue called hope.

Sometimes in spite, in times of grief, sometimes when I forget gratitude, I think that what is called the greatest generation, gave birth to arguably the worst generation. If our children (most still not yet teens) think that they are out of the woods, deep in a dark, dank room without doors, think again. Let’s enter a time machine and go back to innocence. Scatter joy.

The glory of our magical maker of all is right here right now and you are next in line to guard luminescence as if your own children depend on it. Never give up. We shall be fine. Our twenty and twenty-first century experiment with lightning bolt paced technology is a wasteland without breath. With a deep breath, a pause each day, to ponder what it is which truly abides (its not money, honey), maybe, just maybe, just maybe, we can all stand tall, with love in our eyes; your eyes; those sparkling lights every mother knows so well, and honor her devout wish we should all know joy forever more. This is just not a dream some of us have. Love as if it is going out of style.


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