I confess there are times my subconscious mind fist-fights with my unconscious mind. I am a shadow-boxed in by illusions more real than reality could ever be. My fractured mind’s eye becomes a maze my soul cannot navigate. I struggle against my destiny. To the left. To the right. To the right? I don’t know. I become a spinning top in a cardboard box made of plastic at the bottom of an endless abyss in a wannabe sea. I’ll never find repose for I’ll never decompose in a box like this.

Other times, I become one with the dolphins. I dance across a star-domed astrolabe sparkling ovations. I become parachute wings above a cobalt blue sky. No wonder why my silhouette casts glowing shards of gentle illumination all over the world.

I feel special to be special and among my own kind. I am content. Compassion makes me happy. Forgiveness gets me high. My name is my virtue. Passion is my full born name. More than just me, more than looks perceive, we’re one and all … ancient mariners surfing sun-stroked waves upon a glassine sea.

doll snos



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