I am the wind that churns. I am a young bird weeping. I am the center of the hawk’s red eye and … it’s hard to believe it has been perfect from the start.  Is it any wonder I cry so hard?  Is it any wonder I laugh so loud?

I was raised up from the cracks of skyscrapers. I could run before I could walk. I’ve seen the world in flames. I’ve heard my mother sobbing. I know your pain because I am an old man dying. I am the newborn’s breath. So is it any wonder?

I am a towering tree. I am a shooting star. I am the ocean I swim in, the mountains I climb, the lovers I’ve known, the light & the dark & the child at play. I am the song of souls singing this song called joy. This is living. This is Life. I do hardly believe I’ve always known how to sing. I had simply forgot the song until now.

I am the newborn universe born once more, over & over again.  I am an old woman speaking her wisdom to the universe. I am a young bird singing. I am its Mother weeping. I am the sun laughing all the way, every single day. It is hard to believe it’s been perfect from the start, but it has, perfect from the start.